Crisp Contractors began as a one-man operation and has over the years grown into a successful partnership that has yet to meet a job too big or too small.

Built To Last

Crisp Contractors was founded entirely on drive and passion for the heavy construction world by Denver Crisp, who is a third generation dirt mover himself. He was raised in a world of construction, from being around JJ Crisp Gravel Sales, owned and operated by his late grandfather, JJ Crisp, and being hands on with the business alongside his grandfather, and father, JC Crisp, from a very early age. He knew from the first time he operated a piece of equipment at age five, that it was in his blood, and he would never do anything else.

Experience is something that Crisp Contractors has accomplished and surpassed. The Crisp family lineage has been moving dirt before dirt was even moved by machine. When JJ Crisp Gravel Sales first opened, dirt was moved by mules, and then went on to be moved by dragline. The experience and knowledge of these two men has been carried on by establishing Crisp Contractors, Inc, where dirt is now moved by numerous machines.

A Team You Can Count On

When Denver Crisp moved to West Memphis in the early 80’s he found himself on the first job site he saw, asking a crew from Sorrell Engineering where he could get a set of plans. As a newcomer to the town and the business, he didn’t gain easy access right away, but he didn’t let the first “no” stop him. Dennis Sorrell, who would later become a great friend, gave him his first set of plans for the West Memphis Wal-Mart job and Crisp Contractors was awarded their first job. Owner of the job, Duke Clement, knew and agreed that Crisp Contractors had to be paid weekly in order for necessary equipment to be rented to perform the work. Denver completed the West Memphis Wal-Mart job with one rented bulldozer and trackhoe, the help of his late wife, Karen Crisp, and his father, JC Crisp. From then on, Crisp Contractors became a family-oriented business, over the years employing JC Crisp and Denver’s son, Jason Crisp.

Over the past thirty years, Crisp Contractors has grown from a one-man operation to a partnership generated by many years of trust and working relationships when Nick Haynes and his vast experience in the construction and asphalt industry was welcomed on board. Crisp Contractors now has a combined experience of over seventy years in the industry. When these two forces joined together, Crisp Contractors raised its bar even higher and is setting and reaching goals on a much larger scale.

Paying It Forward

Denver thanks many people and many businesses for his start in this industry and knows that he wouldn’t be where he is today without the help of his late wife, Karen Crisp, who stood by his side through many jobs, his father, JC Crisp, who has worked right alongside him, and still works in his eighties, Duke Clement, for giving him the opportunity to complete his first job and JA Riggs, for renting him his first piece of equipment.

Denver Crisp and Nick Haynes are now creating opportunities for the industry, for themselves, the business, and their employees, and appreciate all of the working relationships they have created with numerous people and businesses along the way.

A day in the office or in the field is always something to look forward to here at Crisp Contractors.

Corporate Office Staff

Denver Crisp


Nick Haynes

Vice President

Mike Walker