Accident-free for
3645 days 18 hours

Production is not so urgent
that we cannot take time to do our work safely.

It is Crisp Contractors belief that our people are our most important asset and the preservation of employee Safety and Health must remain a constant consideration in every phase of our business. We provide the resources to manage, control or eliminate all safety and health hazards.

Safety begins at the top and goes downward throughout the company. The primary goal of Crisp Contractors is to continue operating a profitable business while protecting employees from injuries, illness or harm. This can be achieved in part by delegating responsibility and accountability to all involved in this company’s operation.

Safety is not something that we do in addition to production. We believe that safety is a shared responsibility by everyone at every level within the company. Crisp Contractors, Inc. employs a full time Loss Prevention and Compliance Manager who oversees the safety and training activities, as well as working with supervisory personnel to make sure that they have the safety materials for holding weekly “Toolbox Talks” and training of their employees on the projects.

All employees are responsible for working safely and productively, as well as recognition and awareness of hazards in their work areas. Employees are also responsible for following safe work practices, including the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) where necessary.

It is our belief that any safety health program must have total employee involvement. Therefore, this program has management’s highest priority, support and participation.

Drug-Free Workplace

Crisp Contractors, Inc. Drug & Alcohol Policy is to develop a drug and alcohol-free workplace which will help ensure a safe and productive workplace and to provide education and treatment to our employees. In order to further this objective, the following rules regarding alcohol and illegal drugs in the workplace have been established.